Favorite thing to do?
- Swim

What is something Coach Kamil always says?
- Stop fooling around

If you were President for a week, what would you do?
- I have no clue

What kind of magical powers would you like to have?
- To fly or disappear

Which food could you eat everyday?
- Chicken

Happy April, Sharks!

The end of our Fall/Winter season is quickly approaching and it's amazing just how fast eight months has

gone. I'm so proud of our swimmers and all of their accomplishments this season; all of you have really

started to hone your talent, perfecting your technique and dropping time – major time! We have a long list

of swimmers who attained their lifetime bests this season, and that is a testament to their hard work and

dedication. It can be difficult to keep your eye on the prize over a long season and our swimmers have done

just that – attending each practice and never quitting when it got tough. The swimmers' commitment to the

team and their passion for the sport motivates us every day and is a constant reminder of why I wanted to start

a team in the first place.

Sharks Swim Club will turn three years old this month and to say we have come a long way is an understatement! We had just a few swimmers in each lane when we first opened our doors in April 2014 and we've flourished to over 75 swimmers and growing. Equally as gratifying as seeing times drop and the team grow however, is the unmistakable bond our swimmers have formed. The camaraderie amongst the team and their welcome to new teammates is inspiring! The memories and friendships from my days on a swim team have stayed with me throughout the years and helped shape the person I am today. As swimmers you may not realize it now, but the grueling practices, the intense focus on your craft and the friendships created on deck and at swim meets are building character that you'll carry with you years down the line. We're proud to be a part of that journey and thank you for making Sharks Swim Club so special. Here's to another successful season in the books!

See you on deck,

 Coach Kamil

 / April 22nd

 April 10th

 April 20th

St. Patrick HS

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NO PRACTICE for Future/Bronze/Silver:

- The Olympics began as a men's only competition and in 1912 women were allowed to participate.

- Elephants can swim up to 20 miles a day using their trunks to breathe through.

- Synchronized swimming was not featured in the Olympics until 1984.

- The first swimming race recorded was in Japan.

- An Olympic size swimming pool can hold 700,000 - 850,000 gallons of water.

- Swimming became an Olympic event in 1896.

Swim Facts

Swimmer Spotlight: Kinga Nowaczyk



Daniel Galante (left), Kamil Kulczycki (center), Daniel Galante Senior (right)






Favorite thing to do?
- Swim

What is something Coach Kamil always says?
-C'mon Man!

If you were President for a week, what would you do?
-I would make swimming the international sport.

What kind of magical powers would you like to have?

- Be able to breathe under water

Which food could you eat everyday?
- Baked Pasta

If you were a vegetable which would you be?
- Cactus

How old are you? Birthday?
- 17 years old (April 10th, 1999)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
- A financial advisor

Why do you like swimming?
- The coaches

Favorite thing about Sharks Swim Club?
- Swim

Favorite Candy?
- Heath Bar

In the Gym with Coach Dave

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Happy Birthday!

Sharks Events: April

St. Ferdinand Fish Fry!


                                   Training has been challenging this start of the season and the soreness is pouring in…

                                           Sore muscles can lead to reduced flexibility of your joints, so we'll be taking active

                                                                                          steps in proper stretching:

                                            1. We have a foam roller on the pool deck and I regularly see our elite swimmers

                                            using it.  It’s there for a reason and the coaches are also there to help you stretch

                                            out your major muscle groups.  Use the foam roller to relieve tight muscles and

tendons.  Use the roller immediately after dryland before you change, or immediately after getting out the pool before changing to avoid injury.

2. Your muscles are connected.  If you have sore shoulders and only stretch out that group of muscles, you forget to stretch out the connecting tissue to your chest and back.  Make sure you thoroughly stretch.  Even if we don’t work out a particular muscle group in dryland, we still stretch out other groups that aren’t sore.  Ask your coaches for stretches you can do for yourself particularly. We can provide all the stretches you need if you'd like to pay special attention to an area.

3. Not all flexibility exercises are stretches.  Keep in mind, active flexibility requires a workout in dryland where you move through a large range of motion (Ex. Hurdles and lunges). You might be sore from stretching incorrectly or performing an exercise the wrong way.  I aim to reduce the chance of injury when I correct you in dryland, but also so you make your gains efficiently.

4. Yoga - We only have so much time during dryland to perform a good routine.  Often I don’t include yoga until we are warmed up.  By that time, we are already getting ready to swim and so we fall short of some incredible use of yoga.  Some of you have yoga at school; try to follow and execute as best you can.  Some parents do yoga at home; I highly encourage joining your mom or dad…at least it’ll be quality family time together!

Hopefully we can continue to limit counter productivity and let's do our best to access any indication that we

need to stretch more thoroughly!

Thanks for viewing!

Have a great day,

Coach Dave

 April 7th

Congratulations to Sharks swimmer, Daniel Galante, on winning the 2016-17 Sharks Swim Club "Pavo K Achievement Award".  The Pavo K Achievement Award is inspired by Coach Kamil’s father, Paul Kulczycki, who motivated him to open Sharks Swim Club at St. Patrick HS where both Kamil and Paul loved to spend time together. Paul never missed an event and instilled a strong work ethic in Kamil at a young age and during his 8-year battle with cancer that he fought and unfortunately lost. This award is given to the swimmer that exemplifies Paul’s greatest attributes: inspirational, dedicated, strong-willed and a true role model. Daniel consistently goes above and beyond with his approach in and outside of the swimming pool – always giving it 100%.  He is truly dedicated to the sport of swimming, his team and fellow teammates and that has shone through with his amazing accomplishments throughout his tenure with the Sharks. Congratulations, Daniel! 


 April 1st

Poolside with Coach Kamil


Jacob Munyon-Rocuant - April 3, 2003

Kinga Nowaczyk - April 5, 2002

Harold Roman - April 7, 2006

McKayla Miyahira - April 15, 2005

Kacper Urbanowicz - April 16, 2006

Daniel Galante - April 20, 1999

Jane Kupka - April 21, 2006

Jacob Swider - April 24, 2005


 / April 25th

 April 19th

If you were a vegetable which would you be?
- Avocado

How old are you? Birthday?
- 14 years old (April 5th, 2002)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
- A physical therapist

Why do you like swimming?
- Because it is competitive and I love to be in

  the water.

Favorite thing about Sharks Swim Club?
- My friends

Favorite Candy?
- Skittles


 April 4th

Team Photo!

 April 3rd

 April 5th


Swimmer Spotlight: Daniel Galante

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