**The above practice schedule is ONLY an example and does not reflect the actual sessions schedule.**

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future level

Approximate ages: 5-8 years old

For the swimmers that can swim at least one lap of freestyle and understand the basic concepts of the backstroke and breaststroke. This group is for the kids that are borderline on making the swim team, but need a couple months of endurance and technique work. This is a program designed specially to lay the foundation for swimming at the competitive level. This hour-long class covers the principles and proper techniques for all four competitive strokes, kicks, starts and turns. 



National & high school level

Approximate ages: 13 & over years old

Elite level competing and training at the highest level. Our national swimmers will be predominantly 13 & over swimmers who have been swimming competitively for several years.  All swimmers will be held to a high degree of commitment to practice attendance and meet involvement in order to sustain the rigors of training and conditioning. Dryland conditioning will also be used on a daily basis to build and maintain strength. 

Target Test Skill:

10 x 100-Free on 1:30; 100-fly, back, breast or IM under 2:00 and 500-free under 7:00.

Silver & Silver ELITE LEVEL

Approximate ages: 9-12 years old

This intermediate level group focuses on breaststroke and butterfly development. This will be for most swimmers with a year or more of competitive swimming experience. Swimmers should be proficient in freestyle and backstroke with at least the basic concepts of breaststroke and butterfly.  This group will consistently work upon stroke and technique development as well as practicing all elements necessary for competition. These swimmers will also be introduced to dryland conditioning and outside pool workouts. The Silver Elite level will stay an additional 30min. and train with the Gold level, after each Silver/Silver Elite level is complete.

Target Test Skill:

Must swim 100-yard individual medley according to USS rules and 50 yards of freestyle with alternate breathing under 2:30 combined.

Gold Level

Approximate ages: 10-14 years old

This is an advanced level focusing on endurance and stroke technique. Primarily for swimmers with several seasons of competitive experience and have the need for additional technique development in all four strokes as well as advanced conditioning through interval training.  Swimmers in this group must also possess a solid background in their conditioning during daily practice workouts. This group will focus on technique instruction and the relation between practice performance and competition improvement. The swimmers in this group will also be doing dryland conditioning and outside pool workouts. 

Target Test Skill:

Achieve two of the following: 10 x 50-Free on 1:15; 100-yard freestyle time under 1:30; 100-yard individual medley in 1:45 or better.


Approximate ages: 8-10 years old

This is a beginner level program that focuses on backstroke and breaststroke development. This group is for swimmers mainly consisting of kids 8 years old & under who can swim a length of the pool (25 yards) by freestyle (crawl) and backstroke for consideration and entry into the program.  Swimmers placed in this group should also have some ability in breaststroke. This group will be taught the basics of stroke technique with introduction into racing.

Sharks Swim Club will hold open placement and evaluation sessions for all future swim club members.  These evaluations will feature a variety of start, turn and stroke analysis. All swimmers must attend ONE evaluation session and will then be notified of their placement on a team level or waiting list. To schedule an evaluation date and time, go to our evaluation form page now to register!

Program Levels


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