Sharks Swim Club is a strong believer in the saying, "Seeing is believing". All of our coaches will be equipped with underwater Ipads and cameras to make sure your child has all the knowledge to thrive in the sport. Your child will not only be instructed on proper stroke technique, but also visually shown what they are doing right or wrong. 

Dryland conditioning is very important for a competitive swimmer. Dryland conditioning will be included in the club cost for all Silver, Silver Elite, Gold and National Levels. Here are the reasons why we have included dryland conditioning as part of the weekly routines:

  • Added value - Sharks Swim Club with the help of our dryland conditioning coaches, offers the best in Health and Fitness in the Bensenville, IL. area. The addition of dryland conditioning without an additional fee rivals other swim clubs in the area. 
  • Improved muscle mass - resistance workouts, such as using rubber-bands, will improve your muscle mass. With improved muscle mass, you will be able to power through the water and beat your competitors.
  • Increase your aerobic fitness - as a swimmer, aerobic is important. Doing different cardiovascular exercises, in and out of the water, helps boost your cardiovascular fitness more effectively than just doing the one exercise. The fitter your are, the more likely you are to have a successful and enjoyable season.



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Private swim lesson will allow swimmers to have one-on-one training in the pool with a qualified instructor at their own pace. Private swim lessons are offered year-round. The complete 6 or 12 lesson package is recommended to allow for the best skill obtainment and greatest discount. All ages and skill levels welcome.

Private swim lessons are offered to those individuals who desire the benefits of one-on-one aquatic instruction. Whether to improve specific techniques, gain overall confidence, or focus on more advanced skills, private lessons are tailored to the individual. Instruction is available for the phobic, beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer of any age. Personal training is available for the fitness swimmer, competitive swimmer or triathlete. Contact us for more information.

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