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Injury Prevention

Sharks Swim Club strongly believes injuries can be prevented by proper stroke technique mechanics that prevent swimmers from relying on one particular body part. With the help of video recording, technique analysis, swimming and dryland conditioning and a highly knowledgeable coaching staff, we specialize in developing proper stroke mechanics that help swimmers achieve their swimming goals while preventing injuries. Swimming is a highly symmetrical sport and the reason proper stroke technique plays such a critical role in preventing injuries. 

Sharks swim club

Sharks Swim Club is a year-round competitive age group swim team located at Water's Edge Aquatic Center in Bensenville, IL and is a member of the United States Swimming Inc. The goal of our swim club is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to national competitor. Sharks Swim Club has seen high levels of individual improvement onto the highest of all levels; Olympic Qualifiers, Olympic Trial Qualifiers, Junior Olympic Qualifiers, Age Group Championship Qualifiers, Senior Championship Qualifiers, Regional Championship Qualifiers, All-State High School swimmers and many USS meet event winners. Sharks Swim Club programs range from two to five afternoons a week, depending on ability levels (optional morning sessions will also be available for advanced swimmers throughout the swimming season - summer months only). The schedule allows for club members to participate in activities other than swimming and to maintain high scholastic levels.


Swimmers who attend consistent practices, along with meet involvement, will be successful in yielding remarkable results as well as providing an atmosphere of enjoyment that enriches club members well being. The development and encouragement of each individual team member's goals is a process that is carefully monitored by the coaches throughout the season.

About us


You're a lone shark. A renegade. We get you. That's why we have so many swimming workout options available, for all individual needs. Want to train at the highest level? No problem. Want to qualify for the top swim meets? With our experienced staff, we'll help you get there. You chart your swimming course. We'll be the compass.



Sharks Swim Club